Livingstone Range School Division Policies & Procedures

 Administrative Procedures

Folder: 100 - General Administration Procedures
Folder: 200 - Instructional Programs and Materials Procedures
Folder: 300 - Students Procedures
Folder: 400 - Personnel and Employee Relations
Folder: 500 - Business Administration Procedures
Table of Contents.pdf
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 Board Policies

00  Table of Contents.pdf00 Table of Contents
01  Vision Mission Core Values and Guiding Principles.pdf01 Vision Mission Core Values and Guiding Principles
02  Assurance Framework.pdf02 Assurance Framework
03  Role of the Board.pdf03 Role of the Board
04  Role of the Trustee.pdf04 Role of the Trustee
05  Trustee Code of Conduct.pdf05 Trustee Code of Conduct
06  Role of the Board Chair.pdf06 Role of the Board Chair
07  Role of the Vice-Chair.pdf07 Role of the Vice-Chair
08  Board Operations.pdf08 Board Operations
09  Committees of the Board.pdf09 Committees of the Board
10  Board Representatives.pdf10 Board Representatives
11  Policy Making.pdf11 Policy Making
12  Board Delegation of Authority.pdf12 Board Delegation of Authority
13  Role of the Superintendent.pdf13 Role of the Superintendent
14  Appeals Regarding Student Matters.pdf14 Appeals Regarding Student Matters
15  Hearings on Teacher Transfers.pdf15 Hearings on Teacher Transfers
16  School Closures, Modernizations, Reconfigurations.pdf16 School Closures, Modernizations, Reconfigurations
17  School Community Attendance Areas.pdf17 School Community Attendance Areas
18  Hiring of the Chief Executive Officer.pdf18 Hiring of the Chief Executive Officer
19  Religious Instruction, Exercises and Activities.pdf19 Religious Instruction, Exercises and Activities
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