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Collective Bargaining Guiding Principles

In conjunction with the LRSD overarching guiding principles, the following principles will serve to guide negotiations with employees and employee groups or their bargaining agent:

  1. any agreement will support transformation through innovative, adaptable, creative and collaborative practices
  2. any agreement will be competitive in order to attract and retain staff
  3. any agreement will ensure transparency during the collective bargaining process by keeping all stakeholders apprised of issues, developments, decisions and assessed impact on the education system
  4. any agreement will be affordable now and sustainable in the future

 Guiding Documents

2012-2015 WCSBDA - LRSD Collective Agreement.pdf2012-2015 WCSBDA - LRSD Collective Agreement
Memorandum of Agreement.pdfMemorandum of Agreement
LRSD Proposal 3.pdfLRSD Proposal 3
WCSBDA Proposal 3B.pdfWCSBDA Proposal 3B
WCSBDA Proposal 3A.pdfWCSBDA Proposal 3A
LRSD Proposal 2.pdfLRSD Proposal 2
WCSBDA Proposal 2.pdfWCSBDA Proposal 2
LRSD Proposal 1.pdfLRSD Proposal 1
WCSBDA Proposal 1.pdfWCSBDA Proposal 1
LRSD Guiding Principles - Shared April 25, 2012.pdfLRSD Guiding Principles - Shared April 25, 2012
WCSBDA Letter to commence bargaining.pdfWCSBDA Letter to commence bargaining
LRSD Response Letter.pdfLRSD Response Letter
2011-2012 WCSBDA - LRSD Collective Agreement.pdf2011-2012 WCSBDA - LRSD Collective Agreement

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